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Jerusalem Medical and Health Institute

World's Leading Pain and Trauma Therapists


Fasciatherapy is a unique, manual technique that has been employed by medical professionals dating back three thousand years. The Jerusalem Medical and Health Institute has revived this medical artform to provide solutions to those who have exhausted mainstream medicine. 


Fascias are the envelopes that encapsulate our organs, bones and muscles. The impact of physical injury and emotional trauma is stored in the memory of these envelopes. An individual who has suffered a traumatic physical or psychological event experiences shock that spreads through their anatomy like a silent explosion. This effect disperses random points of impact throughout the body’s fascias, causing what could be described in simple terms as “knots”.


Knots in the fascia have a direct and detrimental impact on body mechanics causing the sufferer to experience discomfort that can range from mild irritation to debilitating, chronic pain. Gone untreated, the effects can turn into a life-threatening disease. 


Many JMHI clients exhaustively explored mainstream medicine in the search for relief before discovering that Fasciatherapy presents their only substantive chance at a life without pain.


The Institute specialises in the treatment of: 


Shoulder Pain and Frozen Shoulder
Disc Herniation

Chronic Pain  



Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)



Tendon Injuries
Postoperative Treatment 


Pain following falls
Pain following accidents 

Acute Pain

Psychological Trauma

Repetative Stress Injuries

Weight Loss Assistance


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